3 rules for moving home without problems

Looking for a new home …
A new job, the desire to change your life or to make your dream come true, In a world that is increasingly on the move, it is therefore essential to know how to move in the right way, to avoid scams and really find a suitable accommodation for us.

Rule 1: set your priorities

Before starting the research it is important to clarify your ideas by answering some basic questions. What kind of house do I want? How much am I willing to spend? Do I evaluate the rent or just purchase? City or countryside? Close to work or surrounded by nature? Apartment or detached house? New or used? With or without a garden? If the priority is to have a beautiful and new house, you can probably also focus on suburban or countryside areas, if you can’t give up living in the city center you will have to consider smaller houses. You will hardly find the perfect home, but for sure you can consider an accommodation that meets the priorities you have established at the start.

Rule 2: define your budget

If you choose to purchase, the first step to take is to define the capital or the type of loan that you will be able to invest in the operation. It is therefore better to contact a consultant or your trusted bank to establish in a fairly definite way what your budget may be. It is generally considered that it is possible to grant a loan that corresponds to 33-40% of the salary for no more than 80% of the value of the house, but with the current crisis the issue has become even more difficult.

Rule 3: Do a careful search

It’s right to turn to several channels, but a little attention will save you time and problems. Choose agencies or builders who guarantee you trust and who have a good reputation, get information from friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances, word of mouth in this is very effective. Do some very thorough research online on sites and forums to find more accurate information. Don’t think about finding your dream home right away, the search requires patience and organization, take note of all the agencies you contact and all the houses you visit and keep everything in a neat folder. Dedicate every free moment to reading free newspapers or websites. Also inquire with the builders or direct sales, by buying from the owner you will save thousands of euros in commission.

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